Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Decor - Dollar Tree Style!

I ran into the dollar tree recently (I'm sure to buy some necessary items like cute ankle socks and 500 various tubs to organize with) & noticed that they had some suuuper cute valentines items! Although I have a very love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with valentines day, I still couldnt resist!

First up, the picnic table in our kitchen eating area:

The mason jar in the middle is filled with red hots and then I stuck a few cute, soft little hearts on sticks in the red hots. Oh and then I cut the hearts off some extra sticks I had and filled the side mason jars with those. woohoo DT rules! I wish they carried mason jars though. Someone work on that for me!

Felt table runner and heart plates below are from Target - compliments of Anna. thanks mom!

I printed out these little L-O-V-E letter cards to put on each plate around the table.. corny but again, I just cant help myself! ahh

Now for the dining room table... (yes there's more - cupid threw up on my house for real)

Wooden candle holder filled with red hots and more hearts on sticks! I sure do get a lot of use out of my wooden candle holders. And for some reason I have like 4 of them in various lengths...  why? I think every time I went to Canton over the course of a few years I'd forget I already had 1 (or 3) at home and would make Anna buy me a new one. oops, thanks again mom! :) 

And last but not least, an easy vday garland! 

I bought a pack of foam hearts at DT and strung them together with a needle and some red thread. Might sound time consuming, but I promise it only took me like 5 minutes to do! 

Oook I think thats all the valentines decor that anyone can handle... I apologize to all you vday haters out there & will blame all of the above on my love for the dollar tree, budget decorating, and anything and everything holiday related.  hah try to still love me! :)