Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Wreath with Felt and Burlap Fringe Flowers

Our new fall wreath made with felt and burlap flowers! yay fall! 

Here's how to make the fringe flowers (use felt, burlap or whatever):
1. Cut out long strips of felt or burlap (I used my cutting board and did lots of strips at a time)
2. Stack a few strips of felt and using some sharp scissors, cut fringe on one edge all the way down. To this to all of your strips. 

3. To make a flower that has 2 colors all mixed together, stack 2 different colored felt strips on top of each other and start to roll. When you begin rolling, fold the first 2 fringes over to make the inside of your flower. (For a flower with the middle fringe one color & the outside fringe another color, attach the 2 strips together with a dab of hot glue to make one long strip... then roll.)

4. Use a dab of hot glue to hold the end of the strip to the rolled flower. 
5. Cut a circle of felt or burlap out and hot glue it to the bottom of your flower to keep it together.

6. Spread out the fringes to reveal your beautiiiful flower!

7. Put the flower on your dog's head. I suppose you can skip that step if you want though.

Hope you like our new fall wreath! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chevron Water Bottle Labels and Caitlin's Wedding!

My lovely and oh-so-beautiful friend Caitlin asked me to design water bottle labels for her outdoor wedding at Laguna Gloria in Austin,TX. Kind of hard to tell in the photo but they have an ivory chevron print in the background with navy writing that says "Cait & Chad" and their wedding date. So much fun to be a small part of their wedding!

Photography by The Nichols

And what's way more exciting is that Caitlin's wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday. Check our the post and drool over how amazing everything about her wedding was!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty Fall Flowers!

Last night Peter came home from work with some flowers for me... but not just any flowers, FALL FLOWERS! yayyy! This man knows the key to my heart... seasonal gifts. hahaa But really, its true. Especially when its not quite the season yet but i really want it to be... man oh mannn is he smart!

So pretty! Thanks again smart, sweet husband of mine!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Armoire Redo - Before & After!

Peter's parents gave us their old armoire when we moved into our house & the plan from day one was to paint it, but for some reason I didn't get around to it until now (aka 2  years later). haha oops! 
Anyway, here is the before & after..

And here's a closeup of the new handles & the lacy paper I added to the panels to spiiice things up.

The "new" handles were taken off of something else a while back & I printed the lacy paper myself, so the only cost for the project was the paint (mosaic tile by behr), about $14. Yay!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Washroom Christmas Goods

To those who know & love me (most of the time!), it is a well known fact that I'm a bit obsessed with Christmas. And for some reason the over-the-top anticipation is starting even earlier this year. These stockings and other Christmas goods from Etsy shop, The Washroom are not helping my premature Christmas giddyness!

Look how cute these stockings are... and they are handmade!

And this advent calendar...

And JOY pillow with little burlap flags... so cute!

Go check out the shop for yourself! There are also lots of cool vintage items that would make perfect additions to your Christmas list. Or mine. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

File Cabinet Coffee Table!

I saw this old file cabinet in my garage the other day & an idea popped itself into my random head.. what if I turned this babyyy on its side and made a coffee table out of it? 

I had seen it every day since we moved in (the people who lived here before us left it in the garage) but I hadn't noticed its true beeeauty until now! I loved its rusty worn look & loved the color too! Soo inch by inch I drug that 500 pound hunk of lovely junk out of the garage and with the help of my buff & manlyyy husband, carried it into the living room.

After a good & thorough cleaning (years spent in a garage = nasty) I think she looks quite lovely in her new home!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Evil Thrifty Chair.

I went by my fav little thrift store yesterday on the way home from the post office. All I needed was a $1 piece of fabric & I promised myself that I would not be tempted by all the other beautiful, wonderful, evil little things around me... 

I failed. Five minutes after I promised not to be tempted by things such as these, I was outside sweating and cursing trying to get the little beauty in the front passenger seat of my beetle. But I meannn, as I told Peter, I really had no choice... It was $25... TWENTY FIVE! Ahhh! Its just not right to put these types of bargains in front of my face.. I'm not strong enough! 

Oooh well, I'll worry about my willpower later. For now I'm just gonna go stare at my chair and smile creepily by myself. Byeee!