Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Home: Mushy New Kitchen Rug!

Our old kitchen rug was looking pretty bad, so I found this new one at Urban Outfitters. I love it! Although Im pretty sure thats mainly because I've been away from Peter for about 3 weeks (me in France and then him in New Orleans) & have been feeling all lovey & sappy.. haha maybe it will remind me of that lovin feeling when I'm doing irritating kitchen chores!

Oh hello Benson.

Aw he likes the rug too! Or he just thinks I'm weird for taking pictures of it.

Ok thats all for the kitchen rug turned benson photo shoot. Have a great week!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 15 - St Remy & La levande!

Walking into the St Remy de Provence Market

Mollie buying something weird for Katelyn

crazy curly sausages!

Lunch in St Remy

Lavender fields! ahh so pretty

so many fields all over the hills

driving through a lavender route - stopped in the town of Sault

anners & mol - lavender door!

ending the trip with beer & chips at the airport.. keeping it classy!

Thanks to everyone for reading the blog and for the many emails, facebook messages, texts, etc! Love you all and cant wait to see you... Its good to be home!

Day 14 - Spending the day in Aix!

Aix Market

A little rainy... and mom & mol are perhaaaps starting to hate me for taking pictures of them :)

mol buying a peach at the market... this kind of makes me see how annoying i was with the candid camera moments! whatevs they'll appreciate me later..

now shopping around at the stores in Aix... isnt this precious little westie guard dog the cutest thing you've ever seen?!? shout out to Murphy Graeber!

bloody marys for mol & me at Le Pigonnet!

dinner at Mitch - provencal cuisine! one of the best... if not the very best dinner of the whole trip!

anners's first course!

my first course!

mollies first course

moms main course - veal casserole

my main course... duck breast & an olive tapenade-ish mixture that was so delish!

mollie's main course - they made all the dishes look so prettyyy!

moms creme brulee

my chocolate molten cake with raspberry...

sorry if this grosses anyone out, but i had to show the awesome chocolate & raspberry on the inside!

mollies "peach and chocolate surprise" hahaa french restaurants love to add "surprise" to the end of at least one of their menu items..

and a little entertainment outside... so weird

cappuccino to end the night!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 12 & 13 - Provence!

Some Laduree in the airport!

champagne at Le Pigonnet - our new hotel!

a fountain in a lil courtyard in Aix en Provence... town we are staying in

Dinner in Aix

An owl... of course Anners notices it.

anndd champagne and dessert at Le Piggg after dinner

breakfast on the patio at our hotel - so pretty!

and yummmmy

le pigg has some pretty gardens! oh and anna is pretty too...

sunflower fields!

anna and mollie sitting in the car while i take pictures... TYPICALLL

town of Roussilon

view from the cafe where we were eating!

And now Gordes... beautiful hilltop town!

and last town today... L'isle-sur-la-Sorgue - on a little river! pretty

Antiques/flea market

precious french pup!

annddd more champagne and snacks

dinner tonight in aix - provencial cuisine!

dessert mousse made with calissons - famous aix en provence candies

annddd banana and nutella mousse tartlette. awesome.

GOODNIGHT! love you all!