Monday, March 21, 2011

Office Organizing: Vintage Ideas

I love these ideas for adding vintage touches when organizing... not only is repurposing vintage items cute & different - but its cheaper! yay!

They have a million of these old coke can boxes at Canton... great idea for storing just about any craft supply!
Image via bhg

Image via bhg

Image via country living

Image via bhg

Love this idea of converting an old suitcase into the perfect storage place for crafting materials! And its portable too!
Image via bhg

And genniuusss... you can stack them & label them with cute gift tags (that look like luggage tags! presh).
Image via bhg

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Home: Spicing Things Up!

Soo recently I became just way too irritated with our spice cabinet. It was pretty gross... spice jars would tip over and not be closed all the way which would create a lovely fine layer of spices all over the shelves. This meant little spices constantly falling on my countertop, which would mean cleaning. And lets face it, I do whatever I can to avoid cleaning, soooo I got some new spice racks that have finally saved me from this MISSERRY! i think i might be feeling dramatic today. anyhoo - here are some pics!

The spice racks are from Ikea & I labeled each of them using my stickers from the West Elm sale table! If you don't recall, these stickers made their fancy debut in the post where we aired our dirty laundry.

Why do I feel the need to make my spice jars pretty? I really don't know... but I can't deny that I sometimes crack a smile when I open my pantry cabinet door & see those cute little stickers. haha loser - thats me!

Have a spicyyyy weekend! hahaa & dont hate me for my play on words - i cant help it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lusty Lust: White Wood Floors

Some of my fav pics to look at online lately have been houses with white wood floors. I'm assuming they're pretty impractical... but danggg are they pretty & cozy to look at. I tried to convince Peter the other day to let me paint our wood floors white in "JUST ONE ROOM!!". Yeah didn't work.. I suppose its all the better though since Benson likes to paint our floors with his muddy paw print artwork daily. He's so talented.
K so want to drool over some of these floors with me? Well here ya go - all the rustic, cottagey, dreamy white wood floors you could ask for! Enjoy!

Image via decor 8

Can I puleease have these chairs, the table, & the wall lighting on the far right? Someone get them for me.. i'll time you!

Image via living etc

Image via door sixteen

I would also like this pendant light & chair please! who else wants to get me a present?!
Image via decor 8

Image via cococozy

omg this kitchen... the island, the farmhouse sink, everything! so cute.
Image via cococozy

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Home: Vintage Kitchen Tin Planter

I found a couple of vintage kitchen tin jar/canisters (whatever you call them) at the thrift store down the street from my house recently for $1.50 each! I knew they were cute, but I didnt have a clue what I would do with them. When I got some oh-so-pretty pink flowers for my birthday from my brother & sis-in-law though, I had an idea... A flower planter!

This one is an old Bisquick tin.. I love it.

I used a white bowl type thing inside the bisquick tin to raise the flowers up a little bit. Also I put some scrap burlap underneath the planter for some added rusticness (sure thats a word). Love me some burlap babyy.

Have a happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Home: Bright & Cheery Guest Bathroom Redo!

Our guest bathroom also doubles as my bathroom.... and since peter has his own b-room which makes this one mine-all-miiine, that means I got to make it as girly and cheerful as I wanted! If you saw last weeks post on cute, inspirational bathrooms, you might have gotten the "my-bathroom-is-ugly-and-needs-to-be-spiced-up" bug as well! I also wanted to make it more "guesty" - adding nicer things that guests can use & appreciate while doing their biznessssss in our b-room.

Here was our bathroom when we moved in:

Poor little thing hadn't been touched or improved probably since it was constructed in 1961.

There was an in between (after we moved in - before this redo) but I can't find a pic right now..
Anyway, here she is now in all her colorful glory!

Shower curtain from West Elm & bath mat from West Elm, new fancy schmancy trash can from Target, hand towels from Anthro & Bed Bath & Beyond, and roman shade from BBB too.

Yellow shelves from Uptown Country, DIY "JOY" letters - will do a how-to later!, charcoal gray hand towel from Anthro ($8), soaps from Anthro, picture of P, Benson, & me taken by the lovely Katie Norris of KNPA, jars on shelves from a thrift store, other accessories from Uptown Country, framed paper from Paper Source ($2.50 per sheet)

Bar of soap from Fresh, Soap/Lotion combo from Anthro (bit of a splurge, but I love it)

slate tassel hand towel from West Elm ($9)

Milk glass vases & jars from thrift store, soap from the dollar tree (my love)

more framed paper from Paper Source, towel hook thingy from Marshall's I think - I'm pretty sure it was $5 on clearance!

So yes its bright & a tad spastic but it makes me feel all cheery and happy whenever I walk in, which is fab.. and quite impressive for a bathroom. :) Also it smells really good now cause of all the soaps, yay! Hope you like it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday from Benson!

Just a day in the life of Benson. :) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

john jealousy! bathrooms that inspire.

These johns (aka bathrooms) make me oh so happy & inspired... which is a little weird considering they are rooms for toilets, but what can ya do. Inspiration is inspiration & these cute bathrooms bring it big time. Tune in early next week when I post pics of our bathroom redo!

Hope you feel inspired! Have a great Thursday!

Photos via
Country Living, Design Sponge, House of Turquoise, and other unknown sources.