Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Home: Airing Our Dirty Laundry!

Yes thats right, today you get to see our dirty laundry.... I think Peter might kill me for this one!

So here's the situation regarding our new laundry baskets-
Peter's dirty clothes = in a hamper on the floor of our bedroom (quite annoying)
My dirty clothes = piled (usually way too high) in the bathroom cabinet you'll see below
Both of our laundry = neatly organized in 3 baskets that all fit in one cabinet!

We typically each do our own laundry (I know, worst wife ever & best husband ever), so the system works perfectly for us. Whenever my colors basket gets full, I do my colors... same for Peter with his. Whenever the whites are full, whoever wants whites badly enough does the whites! Super easy & keeps us from letting our laundry get piled up for way too long.

I used little stickers from West Elm (found them on the clearance table!) & printed the labels on each sticker. Then I just used some clear packing tape to protect the stickers - a little ghetto but I knew I'd be thankful later.

Oh and the baskets are Sorting Hampers from The Container Store... They were $8 each and they clip together if you want them to. Looovely. Organized. Easier. Cuter. woohoo!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pegboards + Me = Love

Not only do I love the way pegboards look, I loooove what they do. They organize like crazy & give everything a specific place... a home if you will. Never again will you find yourself holding a miscellaneous tool wondering where you should put it... nope... cause it will have a home. And when you look at your pegboard, its home will be the only empty spot on the board, waiting for its little tool to come back where it belongs.
Ok this is getting weird... but do you get it?! Pegboards are great. Here are some of my favs I've found online!

Be on the lookout for an upcoming post with the pictures of my new office closet redo - an organization wonnnderrland complete with big, wonderful pegboard! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Home: Guest Room/Linen Closet Redo!

It may have been a while since I've posted, but it's cause I've been organizing like crazy! One of my goals for the new year was to organize/simplify my life... I have been sooo tired of not being able to find things due to clutter for so long, and I decided it was finally time I do something about it!

First up, our guest room closet that also doubles as a linen & other random things storage closet. Before the redo, this closet was nothing but a space piled high with stuff that couldn't be seen or found... & if you did manage to find something, it was wrinkled or broken due to the mess.

Now it's an organized little beauty!

I used plain white gift boxes (CVS babyyy) on the new top shelves to store things that we want to keep but that don't really go in a file cabinet... random things like old letters & notes, ticket stubs, product how-to booklets, etc. I labeled them using little metal book plates, kraft paper, and pink brads.

White storage cubes from Target - kind of annoying to put together, but super cheap & worth it to me! I hot glued mini-clothespins to each cube to attach the circle labels. Ooh the joy of being able to actually see the stuff I have!

Just enough room for guests to hang clothes!

Hope you like the new closet! Practical & useful, yet still a little cute... woohoo!