Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dog Days

With the building of our new fence (almost!) complete, Peter and I have already started to talk about getting our first dog together! Not right away... but soon hopefully. All this dog talk got me searching around Etsy for cute letterpressed dog stationery. Here are a few things I found!

Gift tag and cute chihuahua card are from Rigel Stuhmiller. Precious I'm Sorry Pug is from Sycamore Street Press.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cake Sparkle Designs

Recently Rosie from Cake Sparkle Designs contacted me about creating custom flat cards for her to use as thank you notes for her business. She had an example of what she wanted, and we came up with something that she loved! I love her fun color choices and all the words she chose for the design. She was extra excited because we were able to use the font in her logo to write "Cake Sparkle Designs". Here are a couple photos of the finished product.

Thanks, Rosie for the fun opportunity!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Yellow

Yellow is on my mind today...mainly because I'm wearing a BRIGHT yellow top that is a probably a little too bright, but also because I really love yellow! I'm always attracted to the color yellow and love its boldness and cheerfulness. Here are a few of my favorite yellow finds today!

I love this shower curtain from CB2. It would look cool in a loft or apartment... even a house. I want to make my bathroom yellow now!

This perfume from Anthro is called Woman in Yellow... how very fitting for my post! I haven't ever smelled it, but I love the look of the bottle and the pretty yellow ribbon.

These coasters are an Etsy find and I think they are awesome! I love the texture of them... They are from a shop called Merit Market.

These yellow flats are from Urban...they're only $34! I think they would be so cute with skinny jeans or with a dress once the Spring weather comes to greet us! Please come soon Spring weather!!

This cardi is from Anthro... and god knowsss I love a good cardi. I wear those things out like crazy. I love the cute bees... very springy! yay!

This yellow cake platter is another Etsy find. I think the scalloped edges are super cute. It's from a shop called Vessel and Wares and they handmake lots of beautiful pottery.

Are you a yellow fan?? Do you have a favorite yellow accessory or item?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner Invites!

Peter's good friend from school, Justin recently asked me to design he and Kiley's rehearsal dinner invitation. He and his mom were a lot of fun and just said to go for it and design whatever I wanted. A few of the options I made them are below... I won't feature the one they chose until after the invite goes out... don't want to ruin the surprise! I also gave them the freedom to choose any 2 colors they wanted, these are just the colors I used for the samples. Hope you like them!

You might notice that the big white shape in the first photo is the shape used in my logo... I love that shape and use it when I can! The other shape shown in picture 2 and 4 was one of the options for my logo... it was too much for my logo, but I love it on invites.
I haven't put these designs on Etsy yet, but plan to soon. I love doing invitations because I feel like I get to be a part of the celebration - it's so fun!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chef Peter

Ok I promise the blog really isn't going to be about my personal life... but ever so often there are just a few things I will have to share! This being one of them...
Peter cooked me dinner on Vday this year. The menu was a surprise and it turned out to be deeelish. George (my parents chorkie who was sharing vday with us) even liked the salad so much that he got on the dining room table after dinner to finish it for us. He's so thoughtful.
This was Chef Peter's menu if you are interested:
Caesar salad (with those big parmesan flakes, yum! and lemon juice -- he knows I love that)
Angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce, onions, mushrooms, and shrimp
Garlic bread
& Cupcakes!
Here is my fav photo of him cooking below... I got super artsy on us and was like lying on the floor in my cute outfit because I really wanted to get a picture through the champagne glasses. I'm very cool and not at all annoying. Disclaimer about the cupcakes: it was my idea to make them pink and sprinkly, not Chef Peter's. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Many people think I'm a ChiO because I have a ton of ChiO stationery in my Etsy shop... well, I'm not. In fact- my grandmother basically didn't speak to me for a year BECAUSE I am not a ChiO. Kidding..kind of. :) Truth is, I made the ChiO stationery because my sister is one... and being the little important, worthy Exec member that she is, I figured I might as well create something that has a free marketer (aka Mollie). Between my mom's cookie business, Sugar (see cute owl pic below), and my stationery business... Mollie has lots of irritating sales pitches in her future!

But calm down people (especially you, Paula). In good time you will see all the angels, dolphins, kites, and keys your little heart desires. Just give me some time!

Soo anyway, point of this post originally was to display some of my favorite owl Etsy finds... I actually got this necklace as a surprise gift for my sister... she is doing a lot of hard work for ChiO Songfest and is a tad stressed, so I thought I'd send her a little Etsy lovin to make her feel all warm and owly again. It's from the Etsy shop - It's Beautiful. They have some other really cute jewelry too! I also liked the tiny gold owl necklace while I was browsing around. It's from a shop called Basil the Cat... the necklace is titled Tiny Hoot, which i think is cute because I love all things tiny!

I think this owl art collage canvas is really beautiful. I love the yellow and I think it would look great in anyone's house. Well maybe I'm just picturing it in my house - but regardless, I think its pretty! The Etsy shop is called Native Vermont Studio and for this piece he used parchment paper, newsprint, and old paper. Loves it.

Last not least, I think this owl purse is super cute! I love the bright purple color and the simple and clean white owl at the bottom... I think it would be perfect for a Spring bag. It's from Kye Bags on Etsy.

Ok well thats all the owls for now - there are thousands and thousands on Etsy if you just search Owls, these were just a few of my favorites.

Do you like owls or think they're a weird and undeserving trend? If you are an owl lover like myself, what are some of your favorite owl accessories?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Louise! blog!

Welcome to the blog of Oh Louise!, my stationery company. My dream has always been to do something creative with my life, and through some random series of events, my dream is becoming more real every day! My hopes for this blog is that it may be a fun place for yall to waste a few minutes at work to come read about fun things in the design world! Besides featuring Oh Louise! products and happenings, I will focus a lot on other Etsy artists and feature some of my favorite things from their shops. Seriously - Etsy has some amazing things and many people don't realize it! I also hope to feature a little bit of home design lovin... whether it be before and after pictures, fun decor pieces, or instructions on how to complete DIY projects. Who knows what else this blog will entail... I guess we'll all just have to see. Thanks for reading - come back and visit often... there will be a new blog post every morning!