Thursday, March 18, 2010

I apologize that this blog has been all about dogs lately, by ohhhh my lord when I stumbled upon this picture on the front page of Etsy, I couldn't resist showing the world! or the 4 people who read this blog. ;)

I mean God knows I love my precious baby benson more than anything, but if I could have this chihuahua (scarf included of course - and it must stay on at all times) I would take him in a second.. Although I think Benson would eat him. The photo is from an Etsy shop called lucy snowe photography... She has some really pretty photography and has been featured in Real Simple! Now I want to wrap a scarf around Benson and do a photo shoot...something tells me he won't cooperate as well as this chihuahua did.

1 comment:

  1. el. for real..that is scary looking!!!! but you could make george particpate :)