Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rainy Days: Braches House

These past couple of days have been overcast, rainy, and a little gloomy... but honestly, I'm loving it. I feel like it hasn't rained in forever & I just love the way rain makes me feel... Relaxed, content, mellow... I think my coffee even tastes better when I can hear the sound of rain outside. Plus its funny to watch my dog freak out when he has to go to the bathroom in the wet grass -- what a nerd.

Anyway--all this rain got me thinking about when my family went down to our land in Gonzales (South Texas) last May. My parents took us to see the house on the property that we hadn't seen in forever... it was a bit of a run-down mess, but it was still beautiful, especially with the rain and the way the overcast sky made the colors a little eery.

Heres a little (I promise, just a little) history on the house and land:
A log house built in 1831 by Sarah Ann and Bartlett D. McClure was replaced by this plantation-style house built in the 1840s by Sarah Ann and Charles D. Braches. The house became a stopping place for wagon trains, stages and mail hacks.
After the fall of the Alamo, General Sam Houston ordered the burning of Gonzales before the advancing Mexican Army. A large oak tree near the home will forever be known as 'The Sam Houston Oak', because it was here the general is said to have rested on his first stop during 'The Runaway Scrape'.

You can see the Sam Houston Oak in the last picture, as we were driving away from the house.

Enjoy these rainy day pictures & hopefully you'll be as inspired as I'm feeling by the historical charm, rainy colors, and old rustic beauty of the Braches House.

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