Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crafty DIY: Burlap Headboard

When moving into our house, we were definitely lacking some necessary "stuff" since we moved from a 1 bed/1 bath into a 3 bed/2 bath... so anything we could do that was cheap & easy was definitely our style. I got this idea for a DIY fabric headboard from Young House Love a while back, so although I didn't come up with it on my own, I do think its a great idea & think that it came out looking quite swell, so I felt I should share it. Click here for the full instructions from YHL.

My parents kitchen table was the perfect size for the project... and they have things I don't have like an ironing board. Don't judge..the floor works quite lovely for ironing. Anyhoo, here is my wooden frame all ready to go...purchased it at a local art store.


Now I have covered my frame with batting.


Yeah, im a pretty good stapler...


I bought burlap fabric from a craft store...I wanted something light to go on my green walls but that would coordinate with the bedding in the guest room.
Here's the oh-so-important ironing stage...no one wants a wrinkly headboard!



Now here's the DIY headboard in its happy little home!

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Check back next week to see my parents new DIY headboard made from an old door that we bought in Canton!

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