Monday, December 13, 2010

A Few of My Fav Christmas Things!

The other day Benson was looking so cute cuddled up with one of my new Christmas throw pillows (thank you target my love) that I had to take a picture of him... or 90 pictures, whatever.
But it got me thinking that I should take a few more pictures of the things around my house that make me love Christmas the most right now!
I hope these make you feel warm and christmassssy and festive all over..

my yarn and felt wreath made during this fabbb craft day

last year it was our first christmas together and this year its our first christmas with benson! its fine if you want to judge me for pretending like our dog is our child... i cant help myself.

lighting christmas candles makes my heart beat fast. oh and i suppose peter does too.. see he even got a picture of himself in my favorite christmas things list. lucky guy

these reindeer are my FAV christmas decor purchase this year... i bought them at laurie anna's - a store right by Canton that makes me want to jump around and maybe even weep with my love for all things christmas. its true

clearly the best and most FAV part of my house this christmas - sweet little benzie chillin in the christmas pillows pretty much all day every still my heart.

merry merry christmas! have a warm, fuzzy, elf watching, hot chocolate filled week!


  1. Personally I think it's weird when people treat babies like they're as cute as dogs. Hello, dogs are furry!

  2. we have that ornament! i love it! and i love your love for all things christmas!! i want to see your new target christmas throw pillows, please! oh and your yarn wreat looks amazing!