Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Home: Airing Our Dirty Laundry!

Yes thats right, today you get to see our dirty laundry.... I think Peter might kill me for this one!

So here's the situation regarding our new laundry baskets-
Peter's dirty clothes = in a hamper on the floor of our bedroom (quite annoying)
My dirty clothes = piled (usually way too high) in the bathroom cabinet you'll see below
Both of our laundry = neatly organized in 3 baskets that all fit in one cabinet!

We typically each do our own laundry (I know, worst wife ever & best husband ever), so the system works perfectly for us. Whenever my colors basket gets full, I do my colors... same for Peter with his. Whenever the whites are full, whoever wants whites badly enough does the whites! Super easy & keeps us from letting our laundry get piled up for way too long.

I used little stickers from West Elm (found them on the clearance table!) & printed the labels on each sticker. Then I just used some clear packing tape to protect the stickers - a little ghetto but I knew I'd be thankful later.

Oh and the baskets are Sorting Hampers from The Container Store... They were $8 each and they clip together if you want them to. Looovely. Organized. Easier. Cuter. woohoo!

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