Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Home: Loving My New Succulents!

Peter & I have been doing a backyard overhaul... we put all new grass in this weekend & I completed my little container garden on our patio! Pictures of all that will come soon... but one of my favorite things I bought during all this were these cute little succulent plants... I couldn't really find a good place for them outside that was sunny enough so I decided to put them on my kitchen windowsill & am so glad I did. I planted all of them except the aloe in a wooden candle holder -- hopefully they will stay alive!

Left to right, they're called variegata or "calico kitten", aeonium 'irish bouquet', hibotan or "lolipop cactus", and echeveria 'lola'

Aloe 'minibelle'

Have a great Monday!

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