Monday, July 4, 2011

France Here We Cooome!

Au revoir America! Bonjooouurrr Paris!

Well almost bonjour... we leave tomorrow morning! My mom (Anners) & I are headed to France to visit little sis Mollie who is studying abroad for 8 weeks in Paris this summer! She is studying & learning very important & scholarly things such as drinking wine, skyping, eating french cuisine, using the metro, and most recently she learned the art of stranding herself in Austria. haha fun times! Anyhooo, Im super excited to go see her & to get this journey started that we have been planning for so long!

We'll be staying in Paris for 11 days (with day trips to Versailles and Giverny) & then will head south to Provence where we will be for 3 lovely lavender filled days! yay. I'll be posting photos (and hopefully a few updates if there's time) over the course of the next couple weeks sooo unless you have better things to do than look at pictures of a few loud (screechy), blonde, and very american girls wandering around France knowing about 4 french words... then i suggest you check back often and entertain yourself! Or get a hobby cause I feel sad that you dont have better things to do. muhah.

Off to finish packing! MERCI for reading my rambling... (1 of the 4 words i know!)

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