Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Evil Thrifty Chair.

I went by my fav little thrift store yesterday on the way home from the post office. All I needed was a $1 piece of fabric & I promised myself that I would not be tempted by all the other beautiful, wonderful, evil little things around me... 

I failed. Five minutes after I promised not to be tempted by things such as these, I was outside sweating and cursing trying to get the little beauty in the front passenger seat of my beetle. But I meannn, as I told Peter, I really had no choice... It was $25... TWENTY FIVE! Ahhh! Its just not right to put these types of bargains in front of my face.. I'm not strong enough! 

Oooh well, I'll worry about my willpower later. For now I'm just gonna go stare at my chair and smile creepily by myself. Byeee! 

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