Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Home: Master Bedroom Redo!

I redid our master bedroom a few months ago but never got a chance to post about it! Both Peter and I have pretty much despised our bedroom decor from day one.. it was just always the last thing to work on since we were really the only ones to spend time in there. I finally couldn't take it anymore though & decided one weekend that it was time for a fresh start... on a budget of course!

Here are some pics of our bedroom before:

And here is the after! We love it and actually enjoy being in there now! 
Quilt from Tuesday Morning. Two small pillows are new from West Elm. Rugs from Urban Outfitters (mine is teal chevron and his is light gray chevron). Lamp on the left from Marshalls. Lamp on the right from Target. My bedside table is the same as before, just with a new pink knob :) and Peter's is a bedside table that I switched out from another bedroom.

I did frame collages on each of our respective sides using old frames I had (spray painting some and leaving some as is). On my side is my grandparents wedding invitation, a baby pic of my grandpa, a rhodesian ridgeback art print my mom & I bought in Austin, and some other fun stuff! 

And this is Peters side... his favorite thing is the black & white lonesome dove pic, duhh.

I love these wooden butterflies.. I bought them at Paper Source a long time ago and found them during the redo. I just sticky tacked them to the wall.

I added the curtain to the bathroom door for a little privacy! Also put up a map made of cool patterns that I got on sale at Urban Outfitters. I got the frame for that at a thrift store and spray painted it a metallic goldish color. I repainted the chest of drawers on the right (it used to be black), distressed it a little bit, and changed the hardware.

I repainted this dresser (actually using just one sample jar of paint from home depot, which I'm sort of proud of, haha)... it used to be black. I also repainted the knobs in the same metallic goldish color as above. The white rattan thing above the dresser is actually a twin headboard. I got it at a thrift store and love it! Also you can see on the far right side of the pic one of the new curtains I hung up. I found them in the clearance bin at West Elm! 

Benson loves the new bedroom too! 

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