Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Boynton Gender Reveal!

My sweet A&M friends (I call them that even though technically only half of them went to A&M) threw Peter and me a little gender reveal party a couple weeks ago and it was so cute and fun! Below are the cute hostesses... Emily, Gina, Berkeley, Nicole, Kiley, and Jennifer. All of our husbands went to A&M together which is how they got the title "A&M friends".

**the quality, pretty pictures below are taken by my friend Jason Kindig of Jason Kindig Photography, but please note that the not so quality ones are not by him.. they are by my iphone! :) 

Cute cupcakes made by the talenteddd Amanda Buccola of  Red Raspberry Cakes
And cute bow and mustache cookies made by my mom -- her website is here
water bottle labels for baby boynton!
the chalkboard where all the guests could vote on whether it was a boy or girl...
and the cute bows and mustaches that people pinned on their shirts! 
Maybe these old wives tales are more accurate than we think!
Cute balloons and food table
Baby pics of me and Peter.. such a good idea!
The hostesses also had everyone secretly bring a book for Baby Boynton!

Now for the REVEEAALLL..... whats it gonna be!?

IT'S A BOYnton!!! Peter was clearly very excited.... :)

Showing off the blue filling in my cupcake 
Happy parents-to-be!

And here's a video in case you want to watch Peter throw his arms in the air and bang the countertop with overwhelming joy...its pretty priceless. Sorry the video is little and blurry!

Can't wait to meet our little baby boy... thanks again hostesses for the super fun partay!!


  1. That's so precious! Congrats on the sweet baby boy! :)

  2. So very happy for you guys!!! Love Peter's reaction, can't wait to meet Little Boynton!