Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Louise! blog!

Welcome to the blog of Oh Louise!, my stationery company. My dream has always been to do something creative with my life, and through some random series of events, my dream is becoming more real every day! My hopes for this blog is that it may be a fun place for yall to waste a few minutes at work to come read about fun things in the design world! Besides featuring Oh Louise! products and happenings, I will focus a lot on other Etsy artists and feature some of my favorite things from their shops. Seriously - Etsy has some amazing things and many people don't realize it! I also hope to feature a little bit of home design lovin... whether it be before and after pictures, fun decor pieces, or instructions on how to complete DIY projects. Who knows what else this blog will entail... I guess we'll all just have to see. Thanks for reading - come back and visit often... there will be a new blog post every morning!

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