Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Many people think I'm a ChiO because I have a ton of ChiO stationery in my Etsy shop... well, I'm not. In fact- my grandmother basically didn't speak to me for a year BECAUSE I am not a ChiO. Kidding..kind of. :) Truth is, I made the ChiO stationery because my sister is one... and being the little important, worthy Exec member that she is, I figured I might as well create something that has a free marketer (aka Mollie). Between my mom's cookie business, Sugar (see cute owl pic below), and my stationery business... Mollie has lots of irritating sales pitches in her future!

But calm down people (especially you, Paula). In good time you will see all the angels, dolphins, kites, and keys your little heart desires. Just give me some time!

Soo anyway, point of this post originally was to display some of my favorite owl Etsy finds... I actually got this necklace as a surprise gift for my sister... she is doing a lot of hard work for ChiO Songfest and is a tad stressed, so I thought I'd send her a little Etsy lovin to make her feel all warm and owly again. It's from the Etsy shop - It's Beautiful. They have some other really cute jewelry too! I also liked the tiny gold owl necklace while I was browsing around. It's from a shop called Basil the Cat... the necklace is titled Tiny Hoot, which i think is cute because I love all things tiny!

I think this owl art collage canvas is really beautiful. I love the yellow and I think it would look great in anyone's house. Well maybe I'm just picturing it in my house - but regardless, I think its pretty! The Etsy shop is called Native Vermont Studio and for this piece he used parchment paper, newsprint, and old paper. Loves it.

Last not least, I think this owl purse is super cute! I love the bright purple color and the simple and clean white owl at the bottom... I think it would be perfect for a Spring bag. It's from Kye Bags on Etsy.

Ok well thats all the owls for now - there are thousands and thousands on Etsy if you just search Owls, these were just a few of my favorites.

Do you like owls or think they're a weird and undeserving trend? If you are an owl lover like myself, what are some of your favorite owl accessories?

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