Monday, July 5, 2010

Canton Finds: Cool Containers

On a recent trip to Canton I decided it would be fun to take pictures of some of my favorite things & feature them on the blog. It was actually a very good decision as far as my wallet goes because instead of buying all the things I loved, I felt satisfied knowing I could take their pictures and share them on the blog later. :) yay.

I did buy a few things, though & soon I will post the fun ways I took cheap flea-market finds & turned them into cute home accents. Also - my mom joined me on the trip and bought a beautiful vintage door that she is in the process of turning into their new king sized-bed headboard. More on that crafty DIY project later!

As for today, check out these cool containers found in Canton that could be used in a variety of ways.

vintage bottle crates
vintage bottle crates
vintage containers, canton
vintage wooden buckets, cantonI can see them on the patio with flowers or plants for sure.. also the vintage bottle crates could be used to store rolled up magazines - would be really cute! I love the bold colors of the containers and the rustic charm.. you wouldn't have to do a thing to them except add whatever you're storin'!

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