Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Home: The Benson Wall

The home feature today (& the very FIRST "Our Home" feature) is a very recent addition which we lovingly refer to as The Benson Wall... because well, that's what it is. Yes we're obsessed & yes we have a whole wall dedicated to a dog. But lets be honest, he's more than a dog - he's the love of my life. Sorry Peter.

My wonderful & talented friend Katie Norris did a photoshoot of the Boynton fam (P, Me, & Benson) a couple of months ago (I was determined to capture his precious puppyness in professional photographs). So in order to display these lovely pics we stuck 2 shelves from Ikea on the wall & I got the joy of spray painting all my old, worn frames with the fab colors of my choice - a dangerous amount of freedom to give me! I have no filter when it comes to color.. more & brighter is always better contrary to what all you neutral-loving people think.

Also when I say "we stuck 2 shelves on the wall" I should probably give credit where credit is due - I had nothing to do with this. I simply buy the annoying things from Ikea & make Peter build & install them or in this case, mount them to the wall with no instructions. I think I should take advantage of this while we are newlyweds because I'm thinking this service might not last forever!

All this to say, I was pumped to feature my favorite new photos in frames that pop with color & texture - stacked on chunky shelves against our previously bare wall. Perfect! And easy! Except Peters part. :) Check out the pics below! And start spray painting your old, ugly frames now!

PS -- if you love Benson and want a cutie just like him, check out your local animal shelters - we adopted him at 4 months old using Pet Finder & love him like crazy (clearly!).

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