Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love Me, Love My Dog

For a little foreshadowing of tomorrow's first "Our Home" feature, check out Oh Louise!'s new "Love Me, Love My Dog" print.

I think dog lovers everywhere will agree with this statement. I meannn, so what if my dog is barking at you and jumping on you with muddy paws - love me, love him! He can't help it if he's a little scarred from his days as an orphan puppy! Oooh I kid, he's not scarred. I just like making excuses for my precious pup... some may call it enabling. But just look at this face...
Imagine trying to leave for work when your dog has put himself in this position... not fair Benson, not fair.
Anyway, enough about Benson (for now!) - check out the new prints on my NEW! website if you're bored at work :) -- there are a few other new ones as well! Have a great Thursday!

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