Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 10 in Paris - "Lets go to st germain de pressss!"

First of all... Happy birthday Myra!
Hope you have a great day... my mom, sis & I send our love from Paris!!

Morning walk through the Tuileries

Anners soaking up the paris sun

Louise Boutique!

lots of pretty spots walking through St Germain

lunch at this cafe by the Seine

Croque Monsieur

French Onion Soup

quaint little street we passed walking to the Marais

really cute Paris shop.. Les Touristes

pretty pretty

Place des Vosges

little Parisian watch shop where mom & mol got watches

mol's cute watch

i dont know..

space invader! abbie, no banksy art sightings yet!

dinner at west country girl... crepes crepes creeeepes galore. yum.

now for the sweet crepes... roasted apple with caramel and salted butter, nutella, & flambee!

loooove & goodnight!

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