Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 11 - Market Tour & Cooking Class!

Today we did the Cook'n with class Morning Market Class

First stop.. cheese shop.. learned lots of info about the different types of cheeses in France!

These cheeses were aged on wicker which is why they look all prettyyy like that

Next stop, butcher shop to buy our meats... they cut the meat each morning & sell out 95% by the end of the day. cool huh? fun meat facts. woohoo!

dont be fooled by those sweet little lit up horse heads... its NOT a happy place.. its a horse meat shop :(

anna making a claw like the chickens. she'll do anything i tell her to, muhhahhh

live crab!

live razor clams! mollie was touching them & they would move afterwards... creepsies!

where we bought our fishies

fruit we bought for dessert... pretty red currants

a little espresso to get the partay starteddd

anna was really proud of her carrot cutting skills

we convinced our chef to prove the sharpness of his knife by shaving his arm with it.. haha & it worked!

sisters at the stove! & a raw fish getting mollie in the neck. muhah.

filleting our fishies!

i skinned the fish just as well as he did! woohoo my only skill in the kitchen!

our sauce for the veal & sweetbreads (yes we ate sweetbreads... eek)

little potato "fish scales"


lots going on!

first course - veal, sweetbreads, pureed potatoes, & creamy vegetable delicious sauce

greens with garlic

drinking some vino while doing my sauce stirring job...

main course... mussels, a white fish i cant remember the name of with potato "fish scales" and some delicious buttery sauce

and now for the cheese course

kinda starting to get a little ill at this point... but we pressed on!

now dessert... lemon curd that we made... fresh fruit with sugar & orange zest... and a crumbly topping we made with flour, sugar, butter, & almonds

bon apetiiiiiit! & goodnight!

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