Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 4 in Pareeee & Versailles!

chocolate for breakfast of course..

Marches aux puces - big Paris flea/antiques market!

more flea market... lots of little shops on tiny streets like this

weird shop with old scary baby dolls hanging for decoration.. creepsies

Now at the Chateau de Versailles!

Inside the palace - view of the gardens

Lots of pretty chandeliers

Marie Antoinette's bedroom!

One of the cute little streets in Versailles where we ate dinner

More rose... sooo hip in paris right now. :) according to hip people, not me.

camembert cheese roasted with honey

seeaa basss my fav! except this little fella was glaring at me with his eyes which i do not prefer!

anners & me walking through the chateau gardens sipping on some bubbly

mol & suz bein lovies

wildflowers in the gardens

andddd the fountain shows begin..

dry ice? yes please!

bubbbblesss make everything more cool!

suz matches the bubbles.. also cool.

fireworks show in the palace gardens... so.soo. awesome. best thing ever.

the end..

& goodnight!

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