Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paris - Day 5!

Marche Raspail Outdoor Covered Organic Market - only Sunday mornings!

cute eiffel tower soaps... sorry, i cant fight the tourist in me!

breakfast - chocolate... again...!

Luxembourg gardens -- ahh so pretty!

me and mol at a fountain in the luxembourg gardens

lunch at a cafe in the gardens

mol, suz, & me

cocktails at the meurice hotel bar 228 on rue de rivoli - so fun & fancy!

cocktail that suz & mom each got... champagne mojito i think!

mollies cocktail... vodka, ginger, and tabasco... gotta give her credit for trying something out of the box! the waiter told us AFTER she ordered that he's only seen big burly men order this drink... hahaa!

dinner at Relais de l'Entrecote - steak & frites place - sooo good & found it on Yelp again!

all they serve is steak and frites so when you get there they just say in broken english.."uhh steak.. medium ok? ok!" and then they bring you this deliciousness. mmmmm

and then you think you're full and you couldnt possibly eat more... and they bring you another round. and you decide... ok, maybe i could fit a little more. when in PAREE right?!

i cant remember why... maybe cause the frites were so delish she just felt the need to chug??

Love everyone! Goodnight!

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