Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paris Day 7!

i didnt think it could happen.. but we got a little tiny bit tired of the chocolate pastries. strawberry tart for breakfast anyone?

or how about a quiche au fromaige? yes please!

le bon marche! classy & fun department store. especially great when its raining in pareeee!

mol being sad cause she cant buy this purse...

le bon marche pretty escalators

the home section of le bon marche mayyyybe made me drool.. ok it did for sure.

le grande epicerie de paris - big food store right behind le bon marche - love my little arti man!

la cuisine de bar for lunch

they use bread from la poilane (famous parisian bakery next door) to make delish sandwiches.

coffee with a little cookie spoon on the side... i think i'll have peter recreate this for me every morning for breakfast when i get home! thanks love.

arc de triomph!

ummm precious tiny french chihuahua. "excuse me, madam... how much for your dog??"

Le Grand Colbert for dinner!

oysters for our appetizer... and some escargot (bottom left corner) too!

famous for their roasted chicken

creme brulee... on fiiiiire. awesome.

mollies hot chocolate tray!

andddd a cappuccino to end the night..

another perfect day in paris! love everyone.. bonne nuit!

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