Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 6 in Paris - Hello Mr. Steves...

about to have a coffee & pastry picnic by the seine for breakfast.

Colette - kewwwwwl store. the beginning of our long stroll throughout the right bank... also the first of many design sponge recommended stores that we hit up! fun.

really pretty fancy clutches! in a shop by the jardins du palais royal

jardins de palais royal

really big cute dog! yay

lunch at VillaLys -- cafe overlooking the jardins du palais royal

shout out to my terries... there was also a window that said "terrybly summer" - awesome.

Dehillerin - foodie store!

all soooorts of foodie & chef supplies.. really neat.

BHV hardware section where they have the cute paris street numbers!

Cafe Constant for dinner - one of our favorite meals for sure...

omg artichoke hearts & mushroom salad! I MUST MAKE THIS AT HOME!

tartare of oysters, seabass, and salmon with ginger and lemon - omg delish.

duck and potato pie with crispy apples & green salad. also amazing.

we hated it all. clearlyyy

profiteroles - anners fav!

vanilla rice pudding.. me & mols fav.. i cant even begin to explain the goodness.

love & goodnight!

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