Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chef Peter

Ok I promise the blog really isn't going to be about my personal life... but ever so often there are just a few things I will have to share! This being one of them...
Peter cooked me dinner on Vday this year. The menu was a surprise and it turned out to be deeelish. George (my parents chorkie who was sharing vday with us) even liked the salad so much that he got on the dining room table after dinner to finish it for us. He's so thoughtful.
This was Chef Peter's menu if you are interested:
Caesar salad (with those big parmesan flakes, yum! and lemon juice -- he knows I love that)
Angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce, onions, mushrooms, and shrimp
Garlic bread
& Cupcakes!
Here is my fav photo of him cooking below... I got super artsy on us and was like lying on the floor in my cute outfit because I really wanted to get a picture through the champagne glasses. I'm very cool and not at all annoying. Disclaimer about the cupcakes: it was my idea to make them pink and sprinkly, not Chef Peter's. :)

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