Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crafty DIY: Moss Covered Frame

Last week I did a post on creating moss covered letters and mentioned that I did another project with the leftover moss...waste-not, want-not people!

So this is what I had when I was done with my moss letters...

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I knew I just couldn't throw away all that expensive moss ($8.99 for a sheet), so I found this old clearance frame in a closet & thought, heyyy this will be cute covered in moss!

First I cut the moss in strips after measuring the frame.

Then I just hot-glued the strips on & filled in any seamy or bare spots with the little moss pieces that had scattered themselves all over my table.

It literally took about 5 minutes. I think it would make such a cute gift!

I found a random honeymoon picture of Peter & me (I thought a black and white picture would go well with the moss) & just put it in the frame like normal!

Again, I didn't cover the back because I knew where I was putting it would not expose the back of the frame...

And here it is in its happy home on our built in shelves in the den. Cute!

1 comment:

  1. Love the frame! It looks so green & nature-y :)
    I like how you photographed it with the wooden block & white shelf.

    (Found your blog via Etsy)