Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Home: Spicing Things Up!

Soo recently I became just way too irritated with our spice cabinet. It was pretty gross... spice jars would tip over and not be closed all the way which would create a lovely fine layer of spices all over the shelves. This meant little spices constantly falling on my countertop, which would mean cleaning. And lets face it, I do whatever I can to avoid cleaning, soooo I got some new spice racks that have finally saved me from this MISSERRY! i think i might be feeling dramatic today. anyhoo - here are some pics!

The spice racks are from Ikea & I labeled each of them using my stickers from the West Elm sale table! If you don't recall, these stickers made their fancy debut in the post where we aired our dirty laundry.

Why do I feel the need to make my spice jars pretty? I really don't know... but I can't deny that I sometimes crack a smile when I open my pantry cabinet door & see those cute little stickers. haha loser - thats me!

Have a spicyyyy weekend! hahaa & dont hate me for my play on words - i cant help it!

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